Our new snow-park office and avalanche course classroom is currently in our production facility (driveway).  The roof definitely cut into mt biking time… but its pretty cool.  It will be insulated, have a warm propane stove and be a comfortable classroom/ starting point for your hut adventure.

Three Creeks Lake is gorgeous right now, with a foot of cold dry powder covering the landscape.  We finally dried in the main kitchen Yurt and have one of the wood stoves crank’n.  We now have a clean dry work space to start building furniture and dialing out the insides.

The first of two Yurts is standing…in town.  The structural parts of the second Yurt (rafters, center ring, cable, door jam, lattice and snow-load studs) have been milled and are ready for a test assembly.  The center ring required asking our tools to make cuts they’re not designed for. After selecting, milling, shaping, drilling and […]