As if our rapidly thinning snowpack wasn’t lame enough…its been capped with a peanut brittle thick breakable crust. This is a perfect recipe for “D-” ski conditions (the D standing for “dangerous” as we navigate rocks and stumps). Our late September snowpack was more fun!

There is a bully of a high pressure system hanging off the coast fending off any attempts by weather to sneak through. This high pressure system can’t last forever, but until it does…

The focus has shifted from sweet turns to: good food, beer, wine, hot saunas, watching bald eagles soar over the lake, sitting around a bon fire, hiking through towering Hemlocks, watching the sun set and staring up at a thick band of stars overhead.

This is the reason our December guests have been sporting big smiles. When you get down to it the fun of backcountry skiing comes from hanging out with your friends in a beautiful place.

If your group is heading up before the sky resumes dumping, skiing is not completely out of the equation. The stretch of terrain on top of Tam Rim heading all the way to Broken Top via Snow Creek is beautiful. If you are willing to get up early and hike up high through the nastiness, you will be rewarded with spectacular views and maybe even squeak out a few good turns in the high country.

So instead of beating our heads against the wall with the “no snow blues”, we are making the best of it. We’re all trying our best to be patient and build up our “powder karma.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!