Three Creeks Lake is gorgeous right now, with a foot of cold dry powder covering the landscape.  We finally dried in the main kitchen Yurt and have one of the wood stoves crank’n.  We now have a clean dry work space to start building furniture and dialing out the insides.

Thanks to an awesome crew and months of preparation, we hauled our new Yurts, sauna, flatbed deck and woodshed panels up to Three Creeks Lake, their new winter home.  We were blessed with a fresh coat of snow at the end of our push.

The doors needed windows…so why not make the windows be the eyes of an owl and a raven torch cut from sheet metal?   They are not simply art, they double as the door’s crossbucks.

If you haven’t checked it out already, the resource page on this website and at has a collection of weather info, cams and area beta.  We will continue to add to this page in an effort to make it a thorough resource for area snow conditions and avalanche information.

The doors are laminated 2x8s, hung in custom frames.  We even designed and welded the door knobs/latches.  Sorry, if you are over 6′-4″ (or 6′-0″ with touring bindings in “stiletto” mode) you’ll have to duck on the way in.