This will be our third season offering the 3-Day, 2-Night Backcountry Nordic Hut to Hut Traverse.

The self-guided 22-mile route contours along the eastern boundary of the Three Sisters Wilderness roughly following the historic Metolius Windigo Trail at an average of 6,500′ in elevation. The route moves through the heart of our beautiful Oregon Cascades from Dutchman Flat near Mt Bachelor to the Three Creeks Snopark near Sisters, OR, through old growth Hemlock forests and hidden meadows that offer sweeping views of the Three Sisters and Broken Top.

Unlike the ascent/descent skiing that we host at Tam MacArthur Rim with our Owl and Raven Yurts, this journey will be Backcountry/Nordic. What’s Backcountry/Nordic? Well, the terrain is ungroomed and rolling with gentle slopes. The designated route is void of any avalanche terrain. The snow conditions will vary infinitely from day to day. Sometimes there will be a packed trail from the previous group, other times there will be deep fresh powder, other times it will be icy and firm. Regardless, it will be a spectacular adventure that anyone with some fitness and appetite for adventure will enjoy.  The challenge of the route will be not be technical terrain, but accurately navigating long distances in a variety of winter weather and snow conditions.     If skiing with a group please appoint a trip leader and make one reservation for the whole group. 

*This link takes you to a great trip report by HUT 2 HUT 



The day begins with the guests meeting at Three Creeks Snopark at 8:30am to drop off their vehicles. The guests will meet with our staff for a briefing about the route and snow conditions. Then guests will load the shuttle van from Cog Wild for the drive to Dutchman Flat.

You will be provided with maps and route descriptions in a waterproof case to bring with you. The designated route roughly follows along the Metolius Windigo Trail.  The trail is marked with diamonds and wands.  GPS route and hut cooridnates are also available to download from the TSBC website.

Each group skis from south to north, moving to the next hut each day. Other groups may start a day behind you, therefore we do not offer the ability to ski the other direction, visit only one hut, or stay for multiple nights.

No guiding will be available. Each group must be self sufficient and prepared to deal with an emergency while skiing the route.

From Dutchman Flat, skiers will proceed 8 miles into the Tumalo Creek drainage where skiers spend the first night at the new Happy Valley Hut. The Hut is fully insulated with steel siding and wood interiors, has 8 bunks, a full kitchen, wood stove and a lounge area.

Depending on snow conditions and experience this could be very quick or take most of the day. When conditions allow, there are endless opportunities to extend your route, or you can just spend your time enjoying the peaceful, remote cabin.

Skiers continue following the Metolius Windigo trail eight more miles to the Lone Wolf Hut, which is located near Three Creeks Meadow with stunning views of the Three Sisters and Tam McAurthur Rim

The hut is nearly identical to the Happy Valley Hut but the terrain offers more open views.

Skiers will enjoy the final segment of six miles that drops over a thousand feet through the Three Creeks Nordic trail system to the end of the traverse and your parked vehicles.


The optimal ski for this tour will be a metal edge Nordic ski with scales or kick wax and a boot similar the “Backcountry NNN” system. You could also use a three-pin binding with lightweight leather Telemark boots and skis with scales or light skins.

Alpine Touring and Telemerk gear that is more suited for descending might be a bit too heavy and bulky. While skate skis and track classic skis may be too light.


Our goal is to try and reduce the gear you have to carry so that skiing is more enjoyable.

Each hut is stocked with wood stoves, propane cook stoves and full kitchen supplies.

Every bunk has a mattress and sleeping bag. You are required to bring your own sleeping bag liner.

You are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag as well if you don’t mind carrying it.

Drinking water comes from melting snow on the stove.

There is an outhouse at each hut location.

Each hut is stocked with the ingredients listed below. Please supplement these ingredients with fresh fruits, veggies, meats, snacks or anything else you wish to carry. These supplies are stocked once week or as needed. We cannot make any additional substitutes/changes etc… please be respectful and limit the amount of beer you consume.

Happy Valley Hut Food Supplies:

  • tortillas (flour & corn)
  • beans & rice
  • canned salsa & jalapeños
  • onions & garlic*
  • potatoes*
  • eggs*
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • assorted spices
  • coffee & tea
  • Oats
  • dried fruit
  • peanut butter & jelly
  • energy bars
  • bread
  • chips
  • Good Life Beer

Lone Wolf Hut Food Supplies:

  • pasta (GF available)
  • tomato sauce
  • canned olives & capers
  • peppers
  • onions & garlic*
  • potatoes*
  • eggs*
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • assorted spices
  • coffee & tea
  • Oats
  • dried fruit
  • peanut butter & jelly
  • energy bars
  • bread
  • chips
  • Good Life Beer

*These items are perishable, we make an effort to keep stocked and fresh, but they are not guaranteed. 

Shuttle is provided by Cog Wild Bicycle Tours and is included with your reservation.

The shuttle van will meet your group at the Three Creeks Snopark at 8:30AM for your check in on day 1. Your vehicles will remain parked there at Three Creek SnoPark until you return.

For local Bend folks who don’t want the whole group to have to drive to Sisters in the morning you can send just your shuttle drivers with the return vehicles to the Three Creeks Sno-Park to meet the shuttle at 8:30AM. The shuttle will then pick up the rest of your group as you swing back through Bend at 9:30AM at the Old Ray’s Parking Lot at the corner of Century Dr. and Simpson.

The route will be marked, and in addition we provide large, laminated topo maps for you to take with you on your trip. We also have a PDF map and smart phone application to help navigate that we will email you once you make your reservation.

You can also rent a GPS unit that comes with a pre-loaded waypoint route for you to follow. Choose this option during checkout.

This is a low-resolution preview of the Nordic Traverse Route.


Use this map for driving directions to our Field Office, where you will check-in on the first day and return at the end of your trip:
Field Office Location Map


Nordic Traverse Reservations are indicated in  on the calendar below.

Tips for Reading the Calendar:

  • Each reservation on the calendar shows the start date of each group.
  •  If you have a group make one reservation for the whole group. 
  • A different group could start each day of the season.
  • There are 8 bunks total
  • If you start on a Thurs-Sat, we ask that you book the huts exclusively (all 8 bunks)
  • If you start on a Sun-Wed, there is a 2 person minimum, and its “open house style”.   Others are welcome to start the same day and share the huts.
  • Reservations are first come first served
  • Book up to one year in advance
  • 50% deposit due to hold your reservation; balance due 2 weeks prior to start
  • There are no refunds for cancellations, including for poor weather or injury.
  • If you are concerned you might need to cancel, please purchase travel insurance. Some of our clients have successfully used

Prices are for the entire three-day, two-night traverse, a Cog Wild shuttle, food and beer.

Optional GPS Unit Rental is $45.


*Mid Week:

For tours beginning on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday:

  • 2 guest minimum, 8 maximum
  • $225 per person
  • with less than 8, you might share the huts with other skiers


For tours beginning on Thursday, Friday or Saturday:

  • The huts are reserved exclusively for your party.
  • 2 guest minimum, 8 maximum.
  • Single Price: $1,800 ($225 per person for 8)