Tam Rim Backcountry Hut Calendar

During our Peak Nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), each yurt is reserved separately for groups of up to 6.
During our Off-Peak Nights ¬†(Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), both yurts are “Open House,” ¬†meaning each of the 12 bunks may be reserved individually.
Tam Rim Hut Reservations are in RED and Avalanche Courses are in BLUE on the calendar below.

  • Peak Nights: “Owl reserved” or “Raven reserved” means the other hut is still available.
  • Off Peak Nights: count up the reserved bunks for that night and subtract from 12 to see how many are left.
  • Hut Based Avalanche Courses are held at these yurts and are indicated as reserved. All other avalanche courses are held at other locations.
  • The sauna is shared by both yurts.

Each reservation on the calendar shows the arrival date through the departure date.
Different groups can overlap by one day — meaning one group departs in the morning while the next arrives in the afternoon.

Hut to Hut Nordic Traverse Calendar