Last season our guests navigated their way across the Nordic Traverse with a GPS unit.  This season we will be marking the entire 22 mile route.  Guests can still explore the infinite number of ways to get from hut to hut, but this marked route will be a nice handrail.


This past weekend’s storm added close to 2 feet of snow at the Yurts.  It finished off cold and provided wonderful powder skiing.

The snow line has been unseasonably high all winter, but all our huts sit high enough (6500 ft) and the ski terrain is high enough that we have continued see white stuff.  The snowpack at the Rim ranges from 4-6 feet.

The extended forecast looks clear and warm.  We have the coverage, that’s not an issue, just bring the sunscreen.

Update to the Update…Feb 9th, Instead of the temp hovering at 35 degrees and raining away our snowpack… it stayed just below freezing and delivered nearly 2 feet!  Thank you Ullr!



There is quite a bit of “giving up on winter” talk around… but we have continued to ski almost everyday and continued to have fun.  Not saying we’re not craving fresh snow under our feet, just saying that we haven’t given up.

The Upper Three Creeks Snowpark is completely bare dirt, and the road is only covered with snow the last 2 miles from the yurts.  Thankfully, the yurts are at a high enough base elevation (6500′) that we have remained just above the snow line so far this winter.  We have been shuttling guests via truck up to the snowmobiles stashed at the higher snowline.

At the Tam Rim Yurts, we have 3′ at our snow stake. In the trees near the huts there are lots of sticks and a few rocks showing, but as you go up the Rim in elevation the snow pack base ranges from 3-6′.  The popular glades, Playground, Satin, Proboscis, Jelly Roll, and the basin around Little Three Creeks Lake are all smooth and filled in just fine.  We have had warm temps for the past 3 weeks.  In that time the surface snow has been going through a melt freeze cycle.  Most days have had above freezing temps which has allowed the surface to soften and give us Spring skiing conditions.  Other days it hasn’t warmed up enough and we have been skiing on a firm supportable crust.  We have taken the opportunity to go on long tours into Snow Creek, Broken Hand and Broken Top.

Our New Nordic Hut to Hut system has seen about a dozen groups through this winter.  The first two days of the tour still have good snow coverage.  As of last week, the third day of the tour (which has the lowest elevation) has lost most of the snow and is mostly bare dirt.  Currently there are some Nordic groups skiing the first two days as normal, then for the third day they are skiing an alternative higher elevation loop.

This weekend has the “pineapple express” heading our way with lots of precip and warm temperatures.  The snow levels are hovering right about the level of our Tam Rim Yurts.  We could either see a good deal of accumulation, or rain at higher elevations… or both. We will hope it turns out to be slightly cooler than forecasted.

Most guests have been arriving fearing the worst, and leaving stoked.  Despite the lack of powder, its still skiing and its still hanging out in a beautiful place with good friends.  We continue to be thankful we still have a snowpack, despite many of our neighbors.