Shane Fox, one of the original founders of Three Sisters Backcountry is moving on to new adventures.  It took a talented person working insanely hard to help create this “snowbound village”.  All the skiers and friends who have enjoyed escaping into the woods can be grateful to Shane for his efforts and creativity.

Shane and his talented brothers have some other exciting projects in the works.  When we get more info to share, we will.







Our friend, guide staff and course leader Gabe Coler passed his final guide exam this Spring at Roger’s Pass.  He is now internationally recognized by the AMGA/IFMGA.  Its a huge achievement earned over many years of hard work.  Here is a short video of the final…


We have slowly been building a base. Two steps forward with snow, one step back with rain… But it’s looking more and more like winter.  We are hoping this weekend puts us on skis for good.  Common Ullr!!!